Медитация: «Я Есть Ади Шакти» посвящена вам, Солнечные Боги и Богини.
Солнечная женская энергия, Источника, возвращается в нашу реальность ,в нашу физическую вселенную. На протяжении долгого времени на Планете Земля доминировала мужская энергия.
С началом эпохи Водолея, вы увидите и ощутите повсеместное пробуждения Богини. Богиня — это не личность, а Великая Творящая, Созидательная Сила Космоса, которая живет в каждой женщине и в каждом мужчине, желая быть пробужденной: В Любви и Гармонии, в осознанном состоянии сотворять фантастически прекрасную жизнь, на Земле основанную на высоких вибрациях Источника…


The universe – this is a very beautiful, eternally loving couple: a beautiful young girl, dancing around her loved one, he looks at her and can’t tear away his amorous gaze. She is ever changing. Dancing, she changes poses, movements, and gestures. This is the divine Oneness, Wholeness, Eternity, union of Consciousness and Energy, and there is no one without the other.

The inseparable couple, the Divine husband and wife. Two halves of one whole. The merger and harmony of Male and Female energy gives birth to Life. This is the Creating, Constructive power of the Cosmos. When harmony reigns in relationships, a great power is born – the Love of Life, which is capable of creating what is perfectly beautiful, bright, joyful, …

Meditation: I am Adi Shakti.

Take a comfortable position for the meditation. Close your eyes. As you gradually relax, observe the feelings, thoughts and images that may arise. Don’t evaluate or put anything aside, simply observe.

Imagine a light inside your heart. Let it expand and intensify until it fills all the space of the physical body.

Now, allow it to start radiating outwards. See yourself as light shining in the darkness.

Direct your consciousness into the depths of your heart. You’re your feelings, with your thoughts, with your whole being, establish contact with your ana-hata-chakra – fully enter your heart.

Your heart is a boundless ocean, pure, unchanging, Infinite Consciousness.Eternal, Unborn and Imperishable. This is your True Essence.

Just as the whole tree is already contained and present in the seed, the essence of You – One, Whole, Eternal, lives in the centre of your heart chakra,in infinite, impeccable love.



Please, bring your attention into the depth of your heart and observe the beauty of your inner world. You might see there different color spots, symbols, landscapes or images which you have never seen before. Observe everything that comes as you sink deeper and deeper into your inner space. In the depth of your heart you feel warmth and a flow of love. Open up to these sensations, accept them, this is you, the True Divine Adi Shakti.

I Am the Energy Adi Shakti – it is the one that moves the world. I Am everywhere, I Am prana. I Am the energy of which the material reality consists, all that I see, I Am.

I Am nothing but a densified vibration. I Am the great illusion called Maya, in which I come to know Myself. I Am the energy of acceptance and all that Is, is born out of me.

Abide in the space of your heart, in your inner temple, which is the True home of you, the Great Mother of All That Is. It is full of light and heavenly music. In it dwells the fragrance of bliss, love and freedom.


With love and joy, feel the presence of your Divine Feminine Essence:

I Am Adi Shakti — the primal sound. The universe vibrates with it.

I Am Adi Shakti — emptiness, non-manifested existence. Being is that which is I, Adi Shakti.

All form evolves from this all-permeating being. And contains within it all the possibilities of I, Adi Shakti.

I Am Adi Shakti, pure, omnipresent Consciousness, the manifesting universal energy. The Supreme Spirit.

I Am Adi Shakti – love, bliss, the nature of the entire universe and its primary characteristic. Eternal happiness, divine bliss.

I Am Adi Shakti – the Absolute aspect of the Supreme Being who is beyond space and time. The content of the universe and the Supreme Creator.

I Am Adi Shakti – the inner supreme energy present in every being of both animate and inanimate nature.

I Am – the power of Shakti, the Feminine aspect, the Supreme Mind in action. Divine Mother.

I Am – the Masculine aspect, eternal, constant and unchanging.

I Am – the union of Oneness, Wholeness, Eternity….


Don’t lose yourself in the sea of emotions. At all times, continue being aware of yourself, sinking deeper and deeper into your Divine heart…

Allow your breath to flow easily and freely and relax the body and mind. Feel the air touching your heart as you breathe in and out. The inhale brings a sense of expansion and warmth, while the exhale gives birth to a sense of radiance and giving. Feel the omnipresent power of love of your True Nature Goddess of Eternity.


I kneel before my OriginalPowers.


I kneel before my Omnipresent Powers.


I kneel before my Creation Powers.


I kneel before myself – Goddess, Mother of All That Is.


Share with the world parts of your inner beauty. Cast aside all thoughts and feelings. Feelings of resentment that you have in one way or another experienced towards yourself, other people, and give them love, give love to yourself. Give them love, understanding, forgiveness, reverence, clear light and warmth. The one who gives, receives. Feel abundance through giving.

Feel the confidence that you are capable of loving, forgiving and filling.

Be aware of a deep inner desire to awaken and realise these qualities in yourself. Have no expectations; just be in the space of your heart… welcoming yourself and blessing yourself…


4)I welcome and bless my feminine energy

— I am the Primordial Shakti, I bow before Myself!

— I am the All-embracing Shakti, I bow before Myself!

— I am the One through whom the Divine Creates, and I bow before Myself![not part of audio]

— I am the Creative Power of Kundalini

— I am the Mother of all mothers, nourishing, I bow, thank and bless Myself!


I Bless the Earth.

I Bless the Water.

I Bless the Fire.

I Bless the Wind.

I Bless the Sky.

I Bless the Sun.

I Bless the Moon.

I Bless the Universe.

I Bless the Life.

I Bless the Body.

I Bless the Mind.

I Bless the Soul.

I Bless All,May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

I Bless All, May All Life Become Aware!

Feel the omnipresent power of love. Be aware of your True Essence. From now on, always be in the awareness that you are Love. And you can only love, forgive, heal, create, nourish and fill. For you are Primordial, All-encompassing, Creating, Omnipresent: Goddess of Oneness, Wholeness, Eternity….