Вы все волшебные солнечные создания. Вы находитесь на пути, который сами избрали, ваши контракты, приведут вас именно к тому, что вы хотите испытать. Никто и  никогда не находился и не находится здесь планете Земля без своей цели, своего предназначения…




Meditation: Entry into the new female energies of the goddess.


Sit comfortably. Put your thoughts aside, let go your control and just focus on your breath…  inhale and exhale. Feel soft relaxation, how a soft wave of relaxation moves along your feet, knees, hips, the wave passes through you back, stomach, chest…. Calmness fills your body, flows over your arms, neck, shoulders, your head rests, and your body, like a candle, melts in calmness. This state resembles a dream, you are aware of everything you hear and everything happening to you.


Now let your awareness stand behind you, observe what is happening with you, your emotions and watch yourself….look at what rhythm your life goes, just watch without any judgment…look at yourself: observe your thoughts and actions that you do in society and realize how beautiful you are ….yes it’s hard to accept, but allow yourself to see and feel the beauty that dwells in your divine heart…feel your own heartbeat…listen to that message coming from the depths of your heart… something magical will happen to you when it will be meaningful and voiced by you in your language….say it up loudly…so that your vibrations can be heard…


Sunshine, this is the end of a large cycle of energy in which we are all, concentrate on the positive, iridescent, beautiful, magical that can happen in your life… please don’t try to understand and control everything, you are already here…you are able to hold and carry the light from the house of higher dimensions in one of the ways available to you. Just breathe… this very way of yours.


Now slowly open your crown chakra like lotus petals, focus on the top of your head… inhale and let the energy from the higher dimensions flow into your physical body…breathe softly, let the energy circulate through your body and then exit from your body and fill your aura…feel it sunshine, this energetic jump.. this is awakening


You are all magical solar creatures, and each of you is a God! And our serving — my and your personal spiritual team is here to help you to remember your true essence. When you are on the true path that you have chosen, your contracts will lead you to exactly what you want to experience.


No one and never be here in earth without any purpose or mission…and there is a path that calls you…and no one can escape from this call… this path is the true magnet of your soul, which sooner or later will return each of you to your divinity to accomplish your goal.


Allow yourself to be filled and blessed with new feminine energies which is pouring generously from the higher universe…inhale and exhale and return to the material world of physical forms.