Существует только чистое осознование. Абсолютная реальность, которой ты являешься сейчас. Прямо сейчас в это мгновения, не думай об этом просто будь этим….

Не спеши. Приближайся к Тишине тихо. Истинное Я – тонкое, поэтому и ты должна стать тонкой, спокойной, наблюдая так, чтобы это смогло перенести, полностью  тебя на другой берег жизни и смерти.

Ты существуешь в секунде, в моменте, и в этом моменте все хорошо, все разворачивается так, как должно, в данном моменте…

Meditation: «That which is elusive»

All your desires, all your needs, all this is inside you, waiting to be fulfilled and expressed.Become aware of it!

All the masters, saints, teachers, gods and goddesses, whoever it may be, have always been inside you, awaiting you to express them. Become aware of it!

The only problem that hinders the realisation of your wishes is your intelligent mind. Become aware of it!

Everything you see in your life, good and bad. It is the result of your faith and your thoughts. It has no reality, it is not permanent. Become aware of it!

In this universe, there is nothing that can cause you pain, harm you, it is only possible in that case if your mind is trained to believe in it. Become aware of it!

You have nothing in common with this world and this universe, but at the same time, you are this universe, places and people. Become aware of it.

No one is carrying the responsibility for where you are or what happens to you. Your position is due to the laws of karma. So, all is well and everything unfolds as it should. Become aware of it.

You are not what you seem, the universe is not what it seems. Your God is not what it seems. Become aware of it.

The substrate of all existence is the absolute mind, pure awareness, devoid of preference. Therefore, how can there be evil on this earth, or something lacking. If the substrate of all existence is pure awareness. Become aware of it.

All that you see with your senses is an optical illusion. There is only one mind, one reality, one life, and you are That. Become aware of it.

To free the Self from this optical illusion, from maya, the mind has to be taken under control. It is done by being in the Source. Become aware of it.

You will find the Source of the mind by following the mind to the Source, its original origin. Asking: Where did the mind come from? Who gave birth to it? By exploring the nature of the true self, you will attain unconditional love. Become aware of it.

If you honestly explore the nature of the mind, you ultimately become free from the bonds of the self. You become an all-permeating, omnipresent consciousness. Become aware of it.

Your past only exists because you think about it. Your fears, your frustrations exist only because you think about them. Where would they have come from if you weren’t thinking about them, and if you hadn’t drawn them into the present, how would they have got here? The cause of all your problems is yourself. Become aware of it.

All that which you call good in your life is the same as the bad. The one and the other are caused by karma. And you yourself at some point created these events and now you are living them. The only way to remove them from your life is to ask: For whom are these events coming? What is their source? Become aware of it.

Who is the one who is reflecting on these events? This one must go away. Become aware of it.

You have nothing in common with thinking about it. For the truth is already here. It shines in all its beauty and splendour. And you are That. Become aware of it.

In fact, you don’t have to do anything to be free. You only have to get out of your own way. Become aware of it.

Since there is no one who is pondering, why are you pondering? You are beyond pondering, beyond changing circumstances, beyond improving your humanity, beyond succeeding in this world. Because you are already the world. Become aware of it.

Being yourself does not mean to be the body, the mind and the circumstances of your life. Become aware of it.

All that you see in this world is yourself, you will never see anything else, wherever you look, you will see yourself. You are the creator of your individual world, you are the cause, and you have the power to change it. Without reacting to events, no matter what happens. Become aware of it.

You were born into a certain situation where you had certain parents, country, religion, environment. This is all right. This is all good. It is exactly the way it should be. Use it to wake up instead of feeling sorry for yourself and comparing yourself to others. Use the opportunity to awaken and become completely free. Denying all these things and understanding this truth about yourself. Become aware of it.

In your life, there cannot be circumstances and situations that you cannot fix. You have been given enough power to cope with everything that meets you on your way. Be aware of this.

A wise person does not feel pity for themselves. They surpass their environment, their circumstances. They transform them by turning into themselves and by understanding the Truth. I am God. I am absolute pure consciousness. I am That. Become aware of it.

Being born as a human being is a rare privilege, even if this birth is illusory. This is the only way you can find yourself. Animals, plants, minerals cannot do this. You have been given an opportunity where you can remember and discover your true nature. Don’t waste your time on anything else. That is the goal of your birth, to become completely liberated.Become aware of it.

You do not know how much time you have in this body, you can be called home tomorrow. You can leave your body at any moment. What do you do with your life? For it determines where you go from here. This life is a continuum. It doesn’t end, it continues from the place where you left off. This is why people who commit suicide make a grave mistake – thinking they will be free.On the contrary, it will be a short rest on one of the astral planes. And then there will be a continuation in the place where the stop was made. Become aware of it.

Your task is to gain the full realization, complete freedom, so as not to go in a circle again and again. Ask yourself:Who is the one who is bound? And become free. Become aware of it.

Everything that happens to your body, to your deeds has been predestined. You are in the right place, and with the right people, where you should be. Become aware of it.

A wise person does not complain about their destiny. By self-examination, they rise higher. By asking within themselves: How did I get here? What is my source? Who am I? And they become completely free. They are liberated. Become aware of it.

There has never been a time when you were not. And there will never be a time when you will disappear. For you, there is no time to be born and to flourish, of old age and death. Only eternal life. Become aware of it.

The mind cannot destroy the mind. Pondering cannot destroy the mind. Thinking cannot destroy the mind. The only way to destroy the mind is to know for whom is the mind? Become aware of it.

You are already free and liberated and you in fact don’t have to do anything. Just be yourself. Become aware of it.


Ask yourself, who has been becoming aware all this time?Ask yourself: Who am I?Why is it so difficult to become the pure, flawlessSelf? For whom is it so difficult?Ask yourself: Why do I think I am a human being  and have to experience all these experiences? Who is the human being? Who is the human being who has to experience all these experiences? Be aware of this.

Being yourself means that you are neither body, nor mind, nor worldly things. To be yourself means that you are the eternal all-permeatingI. It does not sink in water, it does not burn in fire. You are that true Self which has always existed. People call the True Self God, Brahman, absolute consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you call the True I, the very knowledge that you are That will immediately set you free. Become aware of it.

There is in fact no one who can do anything for you. There is really nothing I can do for you. Because I am in you. Between you and me is no difference. There is only one True Self. Become aware of it.