…ощущай, как Священные знания МА, омывающие  Душу и Сердце физической  Вселенной льются сейчас в твое физического тело, тонкие тела,  омывая и одухотворяя каждую частицу твоей материи, перестраивая  на новые ритмы Нового Мира, Духовной Гармоничной вселенной, на Музыку Души Вселенной, существующей на самой высокой ноте – в Абсолютной Красоте ЕДИНСТВА, ЦЕЛОСТНОСТИ, ВЕЧНОСТИ.

Энергия Гармоничной вселенной  струится сейчас чистыми потоками, перетекая к тебе через слова и музыку этой медитации в которые Сердцем Вселенной вложены Ключи для твоей полной Гармонии, Здоровья, Любви, Счастья, Чистой и Свободной Жизни на Земле, в полном чарующем контакте с Духом Планеты, который  является основой, реальным фундаментом для твоей полноценной жизни  здесь и сейчас.  Прими и осознай это…

Practice – Service to planet Earth

Take a comfortable position…a position of the physical body, which is comfortable and useful for conducting the Higher energies of the Source of the Diamond Sun of our galaxy, for the energy stations of the Light of the planet Earth, which you now consciously turn on and switch to the Higher energies of the source with your conscious Service for the planetary energy system.

Sink deep into your spiritual heart, slowing down your breathing, listening to its rhythm. Feeling peace and harmony, love and light emanating, pulsating, flowing from your main sacral center.

Now, please direct your attention to the center between the eyebrows, feel the response at this point — it can be a feeling of pressure, tingling, tickling, warmth … this is how the Ajna chakra, the “third eye”, responds to your attention. The chakra is located roughly in the center of the head and manifests in your physical body as the pineal gland.

Look into the space from the bridge of the nose to the line just above the eyebrows …you see a stream of light, which is a reflection of your Divine origin. Breathe deeply and feel how with each breath the stream expands, its Light rises to your head, at the same time descending to your toes, spreading throughout the auric body.

Now the light is radiating into the space surrounding you, continuing to fill the physical body, subtle bodies with the light of the Higher worlds.

Your breathing fuels the flame of light, bringing you into a state of deep relaxation and peace. Allow this to be.

Gradually you are transitioning into a state of Higher Consciousness and awareness. Feeling yourself as the center of the whole, sinking into the one beautiful great silence.

From the depth of Eternity, the Source of everything that Is, Divine Love and Light flow and fillboth, the inside and outside of your physical avatar, your subtle bodies… which turn into the Nectar of the Flame of Life-Giving Lightexpanding in the Universe.

Now the Pure Light of the Source and the Shining Flowing Signs of the Spiritual Cosmic Knowledge of the Universe are flowing through you, filling, saturating your cells, molecules, atoms and electrons, protons, neurons with the knowledge of the spiritual universe, the one that gave birth to the physical universe… The Pure Spiritual Light of the Mother of the Universe rebuilds the energy-information clusters in your DNA, completing the evolutionary high frequency tuning.

Feel how the Sacred Knowledge of Ma, washing the Soul and Heart of the physical Universe, is now pouring into your physical body, subtle bodies, washing and spiritualizing every particle of your matter, harmoniously adjusting to the new rhythms of the New Spiritual World — a harmonious universe, to the Music of the Soul of the Universe that exists on the highest note — in the Absolute Beauty of UNITY, INTEGRITY, ETERNITY.

The energy of the harmonious universe is now flowing in pure streams, flowing to you through the words and music of this meditation, in which the Heart of the Universe has placed the Keys for your complete Harmony, Health, Love, Happiness, Joy, Pureand Free Life on Earth, in full enchanting contact with the Spirit of the Planet, which is the basis, the real foundation for your full life here and now.

Accept and become aware of this.


Feel the infinite Love that flows from your personal Spiritual Heart and from the Heart of the One Multidimensional Universe into your auric body, individual physical reality.

All the Sacred Knowledge of the Universe — everything that you are looking for, everything that you are learning, all the Memory of the InfiniteBeauty, sparkling with Power, and Light of the Worlds, the Memory of the Future and the Past contains this beautiful higher energy, which you now pass through your personal body of Light and which you generously share with that place on the planet Earth — Mitgard — Gaia –Geia – Terra, where you are now.

The Light Expands in circles, carrying streams of Power, wisdom and Knowledge of Eternity for all life on the planet, healing and nourishing with the Sacred Gifts of Eternity.

Continue sharing these Sacred Gift of Eternity with the planet Earth, with all its natural kingdoms, with every person living on our planet, and above all with those regions of the planet where you are given now the honorto serve and to activate the stations, beacons of the Highest Light.

Beloved God and Goddess, please let humanity, which is readywith its consciousness, find in themselves the strength to awaken and to unite in the Truth.

I sincerely wishwith all my infinite, Sacred Crystalline Heart, that all inhabitants of the planet Earth can regain their sovereign rights as beloved children of God and Goddess.

May the light and love of the Source be with those who speak the Highest Truth.

May peace be with all the seekers of the Truth.

May the great joy and blessing of our True home, where the eternal Light and Love of God andGoddess lives, always be with each of us.

Feel how the Wisdom and Harmony, Love and Beauty of the Universe, the tool of Cosmic Magic and Enchantment, are now radiating from you, which you are now generously sharing with all Existing, living things on the planet and with the Spirit of the planet itself, turning on and switching all stations of Light on the planet, that are ready for restart and activation, to the Higher Energies of the Source.

Your ascension is creating a Real Miracle with you, your life and the living, Feelingplanet that Loves you. Youare awakening and carrying your awakening in Love and in the Absolute Sacred Knowledge, which blooms on planet Earth and in the entire Universe.

Your Ascension becomes natural at all levels, like the opening of a flower under the influence of the Sun and the freshness of the morning moisture. Your sleep is ending.And You are given by the right of your birth the Power of the Source as clay for the creation of your ideal Reality.

The key to accepting the in you Living Essence of the Sacred Knowledge is in your Spiritual Heart. Now you are activating this Key, you are Waking up to create your ideal reality, helping the process of awakening and ascension to the Higher worlds of all Life on the planet Earth.

Sunny one, continue your Path of Evolution and Ascension — the transition to the Quantum State. Remember, becoming aware of the Principles of the Core of Creation, Love of the Absolute Comprehensive Mind of All That Is and of your True nature; Unity, Integrity, Eternity….

May Unconditional Love and Perfect Peace, preserved in the eternal light of God and Goddess, be with all of us.

Peace to your heart, peace to your mind, peace to your body.

I bless you with the Power given to me by the Divine Father and the Divine Mother! Become aware of this.

I bless you with the Power given to me by the Divine Father and the Divine Mother! Become aware of this.

I bless you with the Power given to me by the Divine Father and the Divine Mother! Become aware of this.