Солнышко! Эти крылья – твоя защита в любой ситуации. От негативных мыслей других людей, от нежелательных энергий.  Ангельские крылья всегда с тобой, они придадут тебе силы. Ощущай мощь и энергию крыльев, их бело-золотой свет.

Призывай крылья,когда тебе нужна сила, энергия и помощь.


Wings of Angel

You can do this meditation seating or lying down

Take a comfortable position
Take a full deep breath, close your eyes, breath out

Follow your breath
With every breath, relax deeper and deeper

Its feel so nice to relax and let the life flows on its own

With every breath, relax more and more, more and more

2. 3.40m

Peacefulness as a warm gentle wave hugs your physical body, subtle body and mind.

Your breath is calm and balmy.

Shift your focus to your heart. Feel its strength, beauty and power.

Feel, realise and accept that your heart is home to your divine-self. Feel that you and your divine-self are One. You are the divine.

Feel how the energy of your divine-self fills in all your body, subtle body, your mind. The energy of your divine-self flows to your physical body and your aura.

3. 9.40m

Imagine wings behind your back. Powerful, snow white and sparkling wings. Feel them now. Feel them, move them.

The wings are so big that they cover your entire body. Enjoy them.

Let the wings hug your body. You should know, these wings are your protection – from negative thoughts, people and destructive energies. These wings are always with you. Feel their power and the energy of the wings. Feel their gold-white light.

Let the wings hug your body, your physical body. Feel the healing energy of these angelic wings flows in to your body. You can direct this energy to a specific part of your body that requires attention. Otherwise, let the energy to flow freely to your body.

(You may start imagining another person covered by your wings together with you)

4. 16.40m

Now, when your wings cover your body, shift your focus to your thymus. Direct the energy of your wings to this part of your body. Feel how it has started pulsing and vibrating. Imagine a flower in thymus. It is blooming by drinking the energy of your divine wings. Feel how your flower blooms more and more with your every breath. It has bright and intense blue colour.

You feel very comfortable and warm

Now, swing your wings. Feel them behind your back. How does it feel to have wings? Enjoy.

Choose a special word, for example wings – it’ll be your code. This code will activate your wings every time when you need them.

Feel the energy that your wings give to you. Call for your wings every time you need strength, energy and support.

Use the wings to cover yourself and other people when necessarily. It will help you to build a sincere and soulful contact between you.

You can use the wings to protect a person you love who’s not close by you right now. Just imagine how you cover him/her and yourself with your wings. Imagine that your wings created a roof and a house for you two.

And one more time, swing your divine wings and remember your divine essence, beautiful energy of your divine heart, the energy that flows from your heart chakra in the form of beautiful angelic wings.