— Учитель, люди собрались и ждут твоих речей!

— Передай им, что я благословляю их безмолвием…

— Да они рассердятся на меня, за такие слова!

— Люди не так глупы, как кажутся. Их душа понимает ценность такого благословения. Пойди и скажи им: « В безмолвном покое ожидали души своей очереди, появления в мире. И вот вы родились. Кто – то наслаждается, кто – то страдает… Каков ваш следующий шаг? Вы собираетесь обратно домой, в безмолвный покой? Я благословляю вас тишиной и покоем, вашего истинного Дома!»

The highest teaching in the world is silence/stillness.

Silence is eternity.

Silenceis grace.

Silence is absolute reality.

True silence is when you go inside yourself and completely stop paying attention to your surrounding and circumstances of life.

True silence has nothing in common with the world.

True silence is omnipresence.

It permeates everything.

It is your nature.

True silence is the nature of creation.


Start sitting peacefully, not paying attention to anything. It happens by itself. You go deeper and deeper. Until you stop being aware of your body and surroundings.

True silence is God. And you are that. Feel silence right now.

Can you feel this wonderful state? In which you, without any reason, become happier and happier?


In deep silence, you identify yourself with the essence of creation.

Please, remember how to live in the given moment, in which nothing happens.

This moment is peace, joy, happiness.

Feel this moment. How beautiful it is.


Now, please concentrate your attention on your breath. Listen to it. To your inhales and exhales. Not trying to change the breath, but simply listen and observe it.


Now you are witnessing your breath. You are witnessing how you are breathing. That alone already makes you silent, peaceful, tranquil.


Now, ask yourself the question: Who is the witness who is observing the breath? Who is this witness?

Tell yourself: I am.

You follow your breath and on the inhale you say: “I” and on the exhale you say “am”.

  1. Am.


Doing this, you sense how the universe is becomingalive. Thanks to you.

You breathe in the universe. You breath in everything. All life is being sucked into your consciousness.

You say I and you breath in the universe. You breath in everything. Everything that is, all life is being sucked into your consciousness.

You say Am and once again you breath out the entire universe.

I am.

I am.

I am.


There was never anyone who had to practice spiritual teachings.

There was never anyone who had a body. Who existed.

And the only waythrough which you can know this is not by exploring something but to be in silence.

Be calm and know, I am God.