— Учитель, люди собрались и ждут твоих речей!

— Передай им, что я благословляю их безмолвием…

— Да они рассердятся на меня, за такие слова!

— Люди не так глупы, как кажутся. Их душа понимает ценность такого благословения. Пойди и скажи им: « В безмолвном покое ожидали души своей очереди, появления в мире. И вот вы родились. Кто – то наслаждается, кто – то страдает… Каков ваш следующий шаг? Вы собираетесь обратно домой, в безмолвный покой? Я благословляю вас тишиной и покоем, вашего истинного Дома!»

Every thought in the world is attached to I. Whatever you say about yourself will be about I. Everything in the world is tied to I. There is always I, I, I, I, I. Everything is attached to I! What is I? What is I about?

Meditation: «Beyond I»

Close your eyes, and focus your attention on your breath, listen to it, how smoothly and harmoniously the inhale replaces the exhale. If the mind begins to wander, gently bring it back to the breath.

Ask yourself:  Who sees and experiences this world, and this life? To whom does it all come?

I — I am going through all these experiences. It seems I — am suffering, I want revenge, I am tired… I am angry, I rejoice, I admire, I marvel, I love!!!

And you discover I – the thought.

But, it’s not I – the true one, experiencing all of this. It is I – the thought, the ego, the mind.

This knowledge in itself already gives you a good feeling. Look at yourself, you are beautiful, pure and free.

You are Being – consciousness – bliss. The ultimate oneness.

Now with the help of self-examination, try to separate the true Self — from the I of thought, the ego.

By asking the Self:

Where did I come from(you never answer this question, listening to the silence).

And gradually You begin to find that You are in stillness, in emptiness, silence, oneness of all that is.

Feel, to the extent possible, joy and peace. It has nothing to do with enlightenment, but you can already experience joy and peace and the reason for that is the awareness that you are not I. You have nothing to do with I.

This I feels and experiences fear, anger, fatigue, pain.

Now ask yourself: what does the I have in common with me? Where did this I come from? Who gave birth to it? What is the source of the I?

Arrive in silence, let feelings of unconditional and causeless love overflow you. This is the most important moment, to remember to stay in stillness. Without expecting anything, you just dwell in silence.

Suddenly thoughts come again.

Who thinks about it? I! If these thoughts come to I, it has nothing to do with me. You become aware that all emotions, fears, everything is attached to I!

And you ask again: What is the source of the I? Who gave birth to the I?

You never try to answer, you sit in silence.You begin to feel how good it feels to sit in silence. The fears are all gone, the mind is completely at peace.

Thoughts come up again and it doesn’t matter if they are bad or good. The whole idea is to clear the mind. Who thinks these thoughts?


What is the source of I? Who gave birth to I? Who is the Ithat brings me nothing but trouble? Who cultivates these thoughts, both good and bad?

And once again you enter into the silence, where everything is in perfect stillness, where there is no movement. You start to discover that in silence you can dwell more and more. The space between thoughts gets bigger and bigger, but nevertheless, you don’t fall asleep, you feel yourself as love that encompasses everything… starting to experience the universe as an emanation of your mind.

Now pull the universe into your spiritual heart, placed on the right side of your chest. All the galaxies, the stars, planet Earth and all her manifestations. Everything disappeared. Complete silence, and there is nothing else to think about. There is only silence, a beautiful, precious silence.

Periods of silence become longer and longer, when you emerge from the silence, the world appears to you again. For you, it becomes different. The world is seen in a new way, the world appears as an image on the giant screen of life. The images change and change, but something begins to tell you that you indeed are this screen.

You have always been the screen, the unchanging pure reality.

But you are not yet free! Because this comes and goes.

Thoughts come again, but already less. You are less interested and concerned about the body. People stop bothering and annoying you. And you continue asking: I am still clinging to thoughts. Who is this I that continues feeling it all?

Who gave birth to — I?

Where did it come from?

What is the source of the I?

A feeling and an awareness appears, that it is only I — the thought, the Ego, the mind. Nevertheless, everything is attached to the I and everything is connected to the I!

Continue asking: To whom did these thoughts come? Who feels them? What is the Source of this state?

And once again you return into silence, feeling better and better. The world and the universe once again are drawn into your spiritual heart. The whole universe disappears, including you. There is nothing but stillness, peace, Oneness, Eternity.